Horror Movie #1


DAN – hey i thought of a new plot for a horror movie we should work on


PAM – yes…


DAN – so its still about a night auditor at a hotel haha

brb guest has a complaint


PAM – “Your night auditor is on Facebook too much talkin’ about horror movies!!! But he sure has a sweet ass.”


DAN – ok so

im already calling back mandy moore for the lead


PAM – I see.

I suppose she works in the hotel as well? Or is she in fact the night auditor


DAN –  a new girl at the hotel ….new people usually have to work at least one overnight


PAM – Of course…

to get into the swing of things, I’d imagine


DAN – and so she’s a lil on edge already a lil un organized but instantly likeable

while shes answering phones or something a man enters the hotel and goes right for the elevator


PAM – “Sir, stop! Please!”


DAN – shes gettting phone calls coming from different room numbers


PAM – What kind of phone calls?

(formulaic even in the description)


DAN – havent decided yet…maybe heavy breathing …but later we can hear a murder….the guys get ballsy


PAM – “later we can hear a murder, the guys get ballsy”

…just wanna make sure…


DAN – i think the guy is just knockin on doors pretending to be a houseman doin repairs…gets into the room and kills the guest


PAM – nice.

You’ve got me. I’m hooked.


DAN – the girl gets the phone calls….OH! and im thinkin of a way to get the police involved…


PAM – does “mandy moore” ever stop him from just walkin’ right in?


DAN – nope i was thinkin she doesnt see him….im always afraid of that and i leave the desk often…i think he watches her and waits for her to get a fax or something


PAM – okay… that’s WAY more believable

I’m back in…


DAN – 1:18am

the hotel is accross the police station and i think if i was in the sitch would i call 911 or find a cop outside…

i think i would stay and call maybe

brb gotta fix a tv but i have more!


PAM – This is just like in your horror movie. The overnight receptionist goes to fix a tv… all of a sudden, the lights go out… she’s gotta go fix those too and as the problems continue they’re leading her farther and farther towards the basement of the hotel… where he locks her in! Yeah… yeah!

“P2” (part two) the revenge of the security guard’s brother.


DAN – lol yeah is how did u know?


PAM – shut up



DAN – so anyway

the climax is the girl goes up to the room where the last call came from and she heard the murder

or something


PAM – or something.


DAN – haha

we can justify her going to the room cuz she thinks the guest is sick and needs medical attetion


PAM – after hearing something like a murder, I would absolutely lean towards medical attention


DAN – anyway we can do all the slow panning of her going down the creepy hallway…goin into the room…checkin it out….finding a body in a bathtub and the killer coming from behind!

this movie is 30 mmins long


PAM – all of that twist in 30 minutes

Can it be done?


DAN – you know the rest….maybe theres some elevator suspense….i love elevators in horror

will the doors shut SHUT THE DOORS!


PAM – elevator suspense is pretty important. That and use of foreshadow.

like she could cut her hand while fixing the tv… and she goes to get a bandaid…

then later… she throws a tv at the murderer and he dies inside of it

so she tosses some bandaids on him and sayd

says : “Back to your regularly scheduled program, ass hole!”

or something like that…


DAN – lol


DAN – So yeah… i think it’s got potential



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