Dan Struggles #1

PAM – So, why are you having so much trouble writing a blog?

DAN – i dont know what to write about!

PAM – just write about anything.
your hearts desires
what happened to you that day

DAN – im no good at being clever and witty and thinking and writing
i could write about going to the hiv clinic

PAM – do it
when did you go to the HIV clinic?

DAN – two days ago
im clean!

PAM – Thank goodness.

DAN – i know right?!
now i can bareback whoever i want!

PAM – you should definitely blog about that.
try to add pics too
class it up
class that shit up

DAN – lol of barebacking?

PAM – look, I don’t make the rules…
LOL… I should be your GHOST WRITER
Gina just aim’d me “he wont even look at his ass in the mirror to see if he has hemroids. You think he’s gonna write a blog?”

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