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STRANGER THINGS have been said…

28 Jul
Goonies meets Poltergeist meets Mazes and Monsters meets E.T. with a little bit of Heathers splashed in.
It was so close to being as if someone found a missing 1980’s Amblin film and decided to break it down into 8 parts and release it within this modern phenomenon known as “Netflix Streaming”.
It’s refreshing when you can find the time to watch a Netflix show. But then you’re immediately hit with the stress of “which Netflix Show??” Some of us have not been (hashtag)blessed with the luxury of having the time to watch these awesome shows when they come out. I missed the new season of OITNB, Still haven’t seen Kimmy Schmidt’s new season but have received several txt messages and Facebook posts about a certain Dawson’s Creek reference that I’ll go crazy over. And now that the hype of these two shows has died down, I find myself with a little time to take on new television awesomeness. In recent entertainment news, the show that has everyone all a buzz is a show called Stranger Things.
Stranger Things is said to be the story of a boy who goes missing and the people in a small town who go looking for him. But it’s so much more than that. It completely, perfectly and successfully captures the 80’s genre of fantasy drama without going overboard, without getting cheesy and most importantly… without making fun of it. I couldn’t put the show down! It obviously mastered nostalgia and it reminded us of the simpler things in horror/sci-fi. It took what we knew and embraced back in the day and made us jump again in 2016.
You can’t ignore how well this show is cast. David Harbour, whom I always enjoy watching (And who surprisingly has only been in the business since 2003) and Matthew Modine, appropriately playing a creepy fuck to the break out young stars of this TV/Film (praised below).
The teenage plot lines on Stranger Things are crafted flawlessly. Barb… sweet, plump, unknowing Barb 😦 . I fucking loved Barb. SOMEONE CARE ABOUT BARB! Actors: Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery do such a great job playing their roles in this series. Not just the performance of their characters but the tone they are responsible for setting within the piece is so, so important. These three nail it.
Before I get into my incompatible feelings regarding A.) the joy I feel having Winona back in our lives mixed with B.) her “acting” “choices”.., I need to highlight some performances that are not so conflicting…
Every single child on this show.
They were connected, they weren’t stale, I believed everything they said and did. The kids on this show are on another level and need to be acknowledged…. BY PAMELA EBERHARDT. I try to think of a favorite of the main four and I can’t. Gaten, Caleb and Millie are all so damn good. Maybe Finn is the weaker of the four, but not noticeably enough. Such a strong group of little performers. There were times my jaw dropped by how good they are. Okay, El. El is my favorite.
Those Eggo’s are for Eleven, right? RIGHT?!?!? They better be!! 😦 😦 😦
Eleven’s supposed death had tears come out of my face. It’s not fair, papa. It is NOT fair!!!! A part of me was kind of hoping Eleven was a Clone of Hop’s daughter. Cause he hadn’t laid eyes on her for most of the series and I thought maybe that’s what they were doing over there at Hawkins?? But…. I was…. you know, wrong. “Not everything can be about cloning, pam” – a friend.
Okay. Winona Ryder. How do I put this exactly the way that I want… You know when you’re watching Katie Holmes in something… the moment she opens her mouth you shake your lowered head. I kind of feel the same way about Winona Ryder as an actress. She looks so good and it was so great to see her again, but then the moment she has dialogue that she has to pair with emotion…. my head cocked to the side, my eyes squinted and I tried. I tried so hard. cause I’m rooting for her, man. So much screaming. She tried to make EVERY moment she was going through so pivotal that I stopped caring.
“I think the Prince at the end of the Little Mermaid should have asked more questions about what had just happened.” – me or Melania Trump.
FACT: There’s an Upside world that the boy is missing in. He can communicate to us through lights. There’s a monster in there that hunts alone. it’s drawn to blood like sharks.
CHARACTER RESPONSE: That perfectly explains everything let’s go there now.
Overall, I really loved it. It was fun to watch and i can’t wait for more though I’m definitely hoping the Duffer Brother’s ELOQUENTLY explain more things regarding this “parallel universe” in the second season.

Maybe best quote of the series:

“We have to trust them. They’re the Government. They’re on our side”

What a timely lie.



12 Mar


The finale should be Legen…..

As we wrap up the series How I Met Your Mother, I’d like to review it before its end. Whether you watched the show or not, there’s no denying that it was a staple in modern American sitcoms.

The Pros and Cons: (…. wait for it…)

Pro – The majority of the cast members were already stars at its start. This is pretty rare. When the show was about to air, it got our attention because we recognized Jason Segal, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris. Since then a lot more movie stars have moved to the small screen (this is kind of a con too) Pretty sure the numbers for the pilot couldn’t have been bad. Must have made newcomers Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders pretty relieved. A strong grip on the idea that you’re signing up for a hit.

Con – The laugh track. God Dammit. So distracting sometimes. Not most of the time… just sometimes. It’s especially distracting in the pilot, so I can’t imagine a lot of people getting on board later in the show’s life and starting from the beginning.

Pro – The blue French horn – The whole beginning plot with Robin and Ted was just lovely. It’s a shame those two couldn’t work it out… but I do believe that Barney is better SUITed for Robin.

Con – It lasted 2 seasons too long. There were some gems in the last couple seasons, don’t get me wrong, but the show mostly felt like it was grasping at straws.

Pro – Christin Milioti – From “Once”, this woman came out of nowhere in the 9th season and held her own with a cast that had been together forever. She is the perfect choice for the mother. Won everyone over.

Con – Inconsistencies – With every 9+ year sitcom there are bound to be some inconsistencies from the beginning to the end… Lily’s ‘not speaking to her dad’ for three years but he’s involved in the wedding planning, Marshal’s fighting skills, all of a sudden they’re heavy smokers at the same time trying to quit…

Pro – Britney Spears – She is a terrible actress, but REALLY good as a guest star on sitcoms.

Con – This last Season. ROUGH. Thank God for Christin Milioti.

Pro – Robin Sparkles.

Con – Zoe and the Captain – What a waste of time.

Pro – Neil Patrick Harris – An openly gay guy playing a womanizing straight guy so well. Plus… he was Doogie Howzer… plus… he’s the best host of the Tony’s.

Con – Getting rid of Victoria – She was the best ex girlfriend of Ted’s. I’m a HUGE supporter of Christin… but it was weird the way they ended Victoria’s plot line and not worthy of her character.

Pro – Alyson Hannigan – I know a lot of Buffy fans are obsessed with her. I’ve always thought she was one of the worst actresses ever. Like the Toby MaGuire of Tv… but I actually grew to love her Lily.

Con – Apartment confusion – Who lived where when? I thought they lived at that place… wait… who’s apartment is that??

Pro – Bob Saget. Because… come on.

Con – The How I met your Father spin off – I can’t…

Pro – Barney Stinson – Not even Schmidt (who is amazing) can compare to the King of Catch phrases, the guy who can never take a bad picture and the inventor of The Bro Code.

Con – Barney’s proposal to Robin – THE ONLY thing that bothered me about this was his choice as Patrice for the ‘decoy’. Should have gone with someone that would have had the audience guessing.

Pro – Ted Mosby Then – There was something so identifiable with Ted in the first few season of this show. I think it was post Stella that made me question what the hell happened to Ted.

Con – Ted Mosby Now – I’d take the whining and depressed over the energetic crazy eyes any day. What is it with these sitcoms where the whiney and depressed turn into crazy. It worked with Ross, but in my opinion, didn’t work with Radnor. His current Ted is too much like Flashback Ted.

Pro – The Slap bet and the Slap Song.

Con – The Wedding Bride – Stupid.

Pro – Three camera old fashioned risk – Most sitcoms these days are venturing into the single camera mock-u-mentary style where How I Met Your Mother dated to cling to the traditional three camera. This is a “Pro” because it then became the unique sitcom on the air.

Con – Kevin (Robin’s love interest) – Stupid.

I mean… I could go on about little details that are wonderful and/or awful… but they could fit in any of the above categories. My point is, the finale will be bitter sweet. Bitter, because you’re losing a sense of comfort each Monday night and sweet cause… it’s time.



19 Mar

How a play goes from someone’s brain to a stage in New York City.

Part 1: The Idea.

I wrote a play. I’ve written a few, but this one… this “Far From Chekhov” is different for me. It’s a little terrifying, actually. I am a comedy writer. All I know is comedy and all I trust coming out of me and landing on a piece of well ruled paper is comedy. This play that our little club that could (Play Club) is producing at the end of May is a full length drama. My first full length dramatic stage play. The comedic influences that surrounded me, while I developed as a writer, were that of Strangers with Candy…

Images…which taught me that sometimes you can write badly on purpose and it can be hilarious. You can contradict yourself immediately and cross the boundaries of comfort and STILL make people laugh. All you need is a simple idea to make fun of… like… After School Specials. BAM!  You’ve got a funny show. And Arrested Development

…which taught that I’ll never be as funny as Arrested Development. Ever. And then I started thinking about what I learned from a show like Roseanne

Unknown… which taught me that you can still write the comedic dialogue that you’re good at and have the funny characters, who’s punchlines you can’t wait for, also make you tear up. Let’s mix emotion with laughter. What a brilliant concept.

My writing has always been heavily influenced by television sitcoms. My experience, however, has always been strictly stage. When The Unknown Artists produced Right Together, Left Together:

One of the most common pieces of feedback I received was “I hate going to musicals, but I liked this one cause it felt like I was watching a television show.” So I thought, maybe I can do something different here for the stage. Bring in people who don’t normally find themselves in a theatre, but often in front of a television screen.

I had to try to master the art of dramatic writing. Not that I had “mastered” comedy, but my dramas had a lot more catching up to do as my dramatic influences were...

Images-1… which taught me that through the use of vocabulary, vocabulary that would give the SAT’S a run for their money, you can learn that “soul mate” doesn’t necessarily mean “boyfriend/girlfriend”. I also learned that Kevin Williamson was a genius.

I was writing safely for long time. You write what you know. Unrequited Love, kids in their early twenties trying to figure it out, getting married before you’re ready (not me personally, but many around me) but that wasn’t ALL I knew. That wasn’t all I thought about. I was just so terrified to expose some of my other thoughts and experiences. Letting people into a part of my mind that thought of things that weren’t about kittens and rainbows is not the easiest thing to do. Far From Chekhov is no American Psycho as far as “darkness” is concerned, but it’s got a bolder plot than I’m used to writing and that’s only because I realized, “I’m 27 years old and it’s time to write something a little edgier.” It was time to take some risks. It was gonna be hard, and I would go through several drafts before I felt that the characters didn’t sound like Dawson and Joey. But I was up to the challenge.

The first thing I had to do was sit down in front of a piece of paper and write the play.

PART 2 – The Play…


23 Sep

So I’m a huge fan of Dexter. I mean…> HUGE… And I just can not freaking WAIT for Season 6 on October 2nd. An inside source says this season will in fact me me “Shit myself”… so after the slight disappointment of last year’s season with Julia Styles, I look forward to a seat full of fecal matter…. wait…

I got to visit the set of Dexter last season and it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. To step into the world of one of your favorite shows is unlike anything else.
 I’ve been re-watching Season 3 (The Jimmy Smits season) and there’s something that’s bugging the crap out of me… RITA. Now if you’re like me you jumped for joy at the end of Season 4 (arguably the best season so far.), but i don’t feel Julie Benz was punished NEARLY enough for what she did to our sweet, innocent Rita.



tan, obnoxious and with new boobs… wtf?

I was really rooting for Dexter and Rita in the beginning, but when she came back in Season 3 with a character I didn’t recognize anymore, I was EXTREMELY disappointed. You know the writers didn’t instruct Julie Benz to get all that work done. There was something so real about Season ONE and TWO Rita and I completely lost my grasp on her and began wishing she would just go away.





Remember the courage it took for Rita to dress as the TombRaider for Dexter?
 She lost more and more of her clothes as the seasons went on. While I hated the fact that Dexter’s character gets together with Luman in Season 5, I was just thrilled it wasn’t RITA.

Moving on, my hopes for this upcoming season (with guest star Colin Hanks) is just that the writers realize what was so special about the first four seasons and they revisit those feelings we felt watching the show. How an episode would end and we could barely wait until the following week to find out what happens. Last season lost us a bit, but I have the up most faith that the show will return and kick the crap out of our minds………. and make us crap ourselves. Apparently.

** It’s also predicted to be the BLOODIEST of the seasons…… mwahahahhahaaaaa….


13 Apr

I’ve been watching a lot of early 90’s movies and I’ve noticed a strange similarity between those movies we grew up with to the movies and TV shows we love today.
By Pam Quinn (Writer)

The characters we spent our childhood identifying with haven’t been written much differently from then to now. For Example:

Now and Then – Starring Gabby Hoffman, Christina Ricci, Ashleigh Aston Moore and Thora Birch.
Group1If you were a young female of the 90’s, this was a movie you saw and loved. Arguably the quintessential “chick flick” for pre-teen girls. “I’m so Roberta!” “I’m definitely Teeny”. And As I recall casting myself within these four ‘non subtle’ youthful characters, I realize… holy crap we still do that as women of 2011 with shit like Sex and the City. Do you notice a similarity in these women?

Now and Then Sex and The City
Samantha – A writer dealing with family problems Carrie – A writer dealing with relationship problems
Roberta – Bold, tomboy, strongly opinionated. A lesbian actress plays her when she gets older Miranda – Bold, Lawyer, strongly opinionated. Is played by a lesbian actress.
Chrissy –dreams of a white picket fenced life and a bit naïve. Ends up with a guy she thought was gross at first. Charlotte – dreams of a white picket fenced life and a bit naïve. Ends up with a guy she thought was gross at first.
Teeny – Boy crazy, defined as a “Sexual magnet”, grows up to be a movie star Samantha – Boy crazy, sexual magnet, grows up to do PR for movie stars

So this got me thinking… years later women are still identifying with similar character types from our childhood.  I mean, it’s kind of similar to men, isn’t it? you can’t really compare The Goonies and Stand By Me to Swingers or The Hang Over as closely but there’s always a protagonist who’s morals are generally intact, the charming/ trouble maker friend who pushes the limits and either a fat guy or naïve one who gets made fun of through out by the other guys.

I’m psyched to see current “chick flicks” reaching out to a male audience as well. I mean, all your “chick flick” film needed was a little crazy mixed with lesbian action and… BAM! You’ve got a chick flick guys can enjoy. While we may not have come too far in how women are portrayed on screen with certain films, we are making strides to be more interesting for a larger kind of audience and I’ll take that. Dick Flicks and Chick Flicks…. let’s separate them, shall we? Cause after all… they’re pretty similar anyway… (The below table can be seen in full here: CrazyTownBlog)

The Wrestler Micky Rourke One gets so engrossed in their “Sport”  that they harm themselves. Directed by: 

Darren Aronofsky

Hooks up with a hot, sexy, female, brunette dancer Pulls staples out of his back.
Black Swan Natalie Portman One gets so engrosses in their “Sport” that they harm themselves. Directed by: 

Darren Aronofsky

Hooks up with a hot, sexy, female, brunette dancer Pulls feathers out of her back.

Shut your ignorant face, Victoria Jackson

28 Mar

Following an episode of GLEE where the character of Blaine finally wakes up and kisses Kurt… I was filled with complete and utter satisfaction. It was so awesome to see another TV show that I’ve come to really enjoy be a great marker for us as a society with regards to tolerance. A former cast member of another favorite show of mine, disagrees.
By Pam Quinn
Victoria Jackson, 1986-1992 Saturday Night Live cast member, recently was quoted saying the following about last Tuesday’s Glee Episode:  “Did you see “Glee” this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of “Glee” – what’s your agenda? One-way tolerance?”
When I read that, I became instantly enraged. When I did some research on this former comedian turned political conservative I also read that she was quoted saying THIS as well: “Everyone knows that two men on a wedding cake is a comedy skit, not an “alternate lifestyle”! There I said it! Ridiculous!” At that moment I had to close my lap top as my anger had risen to an UNHEALTHY point. Her comments, often heard on FOX NEWS (big shocker), are nothing but completely ignorant.

It boggles my mind that someone who spent so much time in the entertainment industry working with and around gay men and women could be so closed-minded about what’s RIGHT. I just can’t get over the shit that comes out of her mouth “They should have a celibacy campaign and tell kids that 50 percent of teenagers now have this new STD from oral sex, that’s what they should try to be doing instead of making kids gay.” Hey, Vicky… guess what… you don’t MAKE people gay, maybe you should listen to Lady GA GA’s new song BORN THIS WAY. People like Victoria Jackson with a voice in the Republican community, albeit a nasal “just sucked in a balloon” voice, really scare the crap out of me because people listen to them. How dare you tell us that a man loving a man is wrong and “sickening”. Who the f*ck are you to tell people who they should and shouldn’t love. I know this is something that’s become hoarse from repetitiveness, but I just have absolutely no patience for someone like that. “Shoving the ‘gay thing’ down your throat?” As Chelsea Handler put it on Lately “Sounds like she needs something else shoved down her throat, girl.”
Victoria Jackson, God is certainly going to let Chris Colfer into his Kingdom of Heaven long before you’re done “pleading your case” to him for being such an ignorant tyrant. I’ve said my piece.