PAMELA EBERHARDT (writer) moved to California from New York at age 14 and entered the professional world of writing at 17 on the west coast. By her 20th birthday she had three original works produced in the Los Angeles area. Rising from sketch comedy writing and a background in theatre, Pam collected what she had learned over the years and compiled it into playwriting. She began collaborating on an idea for an original musical (Right Together, Left Together) with Will Collyer and Jacob Harvey since moving back to New York in ’05, Pam hasn’t stopped breathing this idea. She co-founded The Unknown Artists with Emily Clark in 2007 and continued to be prolific under that company by creating Play Club (www.facebook.com/playclubnyc). Some of her favorite works include: the  musical “Right Together, Left Together” which she wrote with Will Collyer and has been produced in New York and Los Angeles, “Outrageous Fortune” which is about criminal justice and has been performed in New York and Salem Massachusetts, “Far From Chekhov” which is the story of a distant family who comes together after the patriarch’s death. And  now she works on “The Runaway Clone”, an original musical comedy about cloning in the future. She wrote “TRC” with collaborator Jonathan Brenner. It’s a beautiful thing. A truly, gorgeous beacon of light in what has been such a dark, time for our nation.


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  1. Tina Babajanians 2011 at : #

    Pam! I am delighted to see that you are blogging! Keep em’ coming!

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