STRANGER THINGS have been said…

28 Jul
Goonies meets Poltergeist meets Mazes and Monsters meets E.T. with a little bit of Heathers splashed in.
It was so close to being as if someone found a missing 1980’s Amblin film and decided to break it down into 8 parts and release it within this modern phenomenon known as “Netflix Streaming”.
It’s refreshing when you can find the time to watch a Netflix show. But then you’re immediately hit with the stress of “which Netflix Show??” Some of us have not been (hashtag)blessed with the luxury of having the time to watch these awesome shows when they come out. I missed the new season of OITNB, Still haven’t seen Kimmy Schmidt’s new season but have received several txt messages and Facebook posts about a certain Dawson’s Creek reference that I’ll go crazy over. And now that the hype of these two shows has died down, I find myself with a little time to take on new television awesomeness. In recent entertainment news, the show that has everyone all a buzz is a show called Stranger Things.
Stranger Things is said to be the story of a boy who goes missing and the people in a small town who go looking for him. But it’s so much more than that. It completely, perfectly and successfully captures the 80’s genre of fantasy drama without going overboard, without getting cheesy and most importantly… without making fun of it. I couldn’t put the show down! It obviously mastered nostalgia and it reminded us of the simpler things in horror/sci-fi. It took what we knew and embraced back in the day and made us jump again in 2016.
You can’t ignore how well this show is cast. David Harbour, whom I always enjoy watching (And who surprisingly has only been in the business since 2003) and Matthew Modine, appropriately playing a creepy fuck to the break out young stars of this TV/Film (praised below).
The teenage plot lines on Stranger Things are crafted flawlessly. Barb… sweet, plump, unknowing Barb 😦 . I fucking loved Barb. SOMEONE CARE ABOUT BARB! Actors: Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery do such a great job playing their roles in this series. Not just the performance of their characters but the tone they are responsible for setting within the piece is so, so important. These three nail it.
Before I get into my incompatible feelings regarding A.) the joy I feel having Winona back in our lives mixed with B.) her “acting” “choices”.., I need to highlight some performances that are not so conflicting…
Every single child on this show.
They were connected, they weren’t stale, I believed everything they said and did. The kids on this show are on another level and need to be acknowledged…. BY PAMELA EBERHARDT. I try to think of a favorite of the main four and I can’t. Gaten, Caleb and Millie are all so damn good. Maybe Finn is the weaker of the four, but not noticeably enough. Such a strong group of little performers. There were times my jaw dropped by how good they are. Okay, El. El is my favorite.
Those Eggo’s are for Eleven, right? RIGHT?!?!? They better be!! 😦 😦 😦
Eleven’s supposed death had tears come out of my face. It’s not fair, papa. It is NOT fair!!!! A part of me was kind of hoping Eleven was a Clone of Hop’s daughter. Cause he hadn’t laid eyes on her for most of the series and I thought maybe that’s what they were doing over there at Hawkins?? But…. I was…. you know, wrong. “Not everything can be about cloning, pam” – a friend.
Okay. Winona Ryder. You know what? No… I’m not going to disrespect Winona because… she means so much to so many and frankly, I’ve loved almost every movie she’s been in whether or not I’ve loved her performance in these movies. It’s just hard when someone goes to 11 so quickly. That’s all I’ll say. She looks the part, as always, and it was so great to see her again. I’m rooting for her, man.
“I think the Prince at the end of the Little Mermaid should have asked more questions about what had just happened.” – me.
FACT: There’s an Upsidedown world that the boy is missing in. He can communicate to us through lights. There’s a monster in there that hunts alone. it’s drawn to blood like sharks.
CHARACTER RESPONSE: That perfectly explains everything let’s go there now.
Overall, I really loved it. It was fun to watch and i can’t wait for more though I’m definitely hoping the Duffer Brother’s ELOQUENTLY explain more things regarding this “parallel universe” in the second season.

Maybe best quote of the series:

“We have to trust them. They’re the Government. They’re on our side”

What a timely lie.


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    Reblogged this on Out of Me Head.

  2. professorzip 2016 at : #

    FACT: There’s an Upside world that the boy is missing in. He can communicate to us through lights. There’s a monster in there that hunts alone. it’s drawn to blood like sharks.
    CHARACTER RESPONSE: That perfectly explains everything let’s go there now.

    My favorite.

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