25 Nov

SAVING MR. BANKS (2013) – Walt Disney

Synopsis – Author PL Travelers reflects on her childhood after reluctantly meeting with Walt Disney, who seeks to adapt her Mary Poppins books for the big screen.
Tom Hanks – Walt Disney
Co-stars – Emma Thompson, Colin Farrell, Bradley Whitford, Paul Giamatti, BJ Novak & Jason Schwartzman
Best Parts –  Emma Thompson, Emma sitting across from Mickey at her breakfast table, Emma Thompson at the movie premier, Bradley Whitford’s character voices, the set design, every time Hanks said “Pamela” (personal reasons), the audio recordings of the actual P.L. Travelers after the credits and the need this film brings about to watch Mary Poppins again.
Worst Parts –
I’m not keen on how much time was spent in PL’s past. I mean, I think there were ways to shave that down, but when you cast Colin Farrell as her dad… I get it. I wish that when she decided to rid the film of red, Hanks would have handed her a Kleenex for her lipstick. (And toenail polish)
Best Hanks Acting – Telling the story of his father at the end in PL’s apartment.
Best Line(s) – “If you so much as step foot in here with that trolley, I shall scream. One cannot live on cake alone!”, “A man must shave, for to spare his daughters cheeks.” “Disappointments are to the soul what thunderstorms are to the air.”

Overall -This movie has a lot going on. The flashbacks are its own captivating film and I love being transported to the 60’s to get an insight into the makings of a favorite Disney movie. I love the concept of this film and how it gives the kid in us an inside scoop on the inner-workings of our childhood fantasies without taking away the magic.  (90 = A)

EXCEPTIONAL – (A+) 95 – 100
EXCELLENT – (A) 90-94
GOOD – (B) 80 – 89
AVERAGE – (C) 70-79
NOT A FAVORITE – (D) 60 – 69

To see original post and list of his films (hyperlinked if reviewed) CLICK HERE.


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