#6 – BIG

17 Nov

big (1988) – Josh Baskin

Synopsis – When a boy wishes to be big at a magic wish machine, he wakes up the next morning and finds himself in an adult body.
Tom Hanks – Plays the adult the boy grows into.
Co-stars – Elizabeth Perkins, John Heard, Robert Loggia, Jared Rushton, Jon Lovits, Mercedes Ruehl & David Moscow
Best Parts –  That David Moscow was in Newsies, Mercedes Ruehl,  that it gave Tom Hanks his first Oscar nomination, how scary New York was in the 80’s, Cynthia Benson’s outfit, Mr. Walsh helps Tom on his first day, John Heard plays a fantastic douche (Reminds me of George Costanza), When Tom Hanks punches himself in the face with the toy, Deborah Jo Rupp, When Tom eats the beluga, When Tom pulls Elizabeth onto the trampoline, the 1980’s Pepsi can, the piano scene in FAO obviously.
Worst Parts–   I just… I have a lot of questions as should Elizabeth Perkins at the end of this movie. One being “Am I going to prison?!”

Also…how this movie sets you up for complete disappointment when you come face-to-face with an actual Zoltar machine in life, his mom thinks that it’s young Josh’s voice in the beginning but with a cold, that his underwear still fit after he grew overnight but all his other clothes  were torn, the magic chimes that play when he wheels his baby sister into the kitchen so his mom doesn’t see him,

Best Hanks Acting – I mean… most of the movie but… if I have to get specific… the scene where he tries to convince Billy that it’s him, the ending when he tells Elizabeth he wants to go home and when he touches her boob.
Best Line(s) – “Happy Birthday, happy Birthday…. Happy Birthday to you!” “I’m three months older than you, asshole.”, “Three dimes, a hundred dollar bill and 87 ones.” “She spent the last three months writing down her married name. “Mrs. Judy Hicks”, “Mrs. Donald Hicks”; “Mrs. Judy Mitchellson Hicks”, sometimes with a hyphen, sometimes without a hyphen. Sometimes, she spells the hyphen.”

Overall -Charming, fun, magical and innocent.  (91 = A)

EXCEPTIONAL – (A+) 95 – 100
EXCELLENT – (A) 90-94
GOOD – (B) 80 – 89
AVERAGE – (C) 70-79
NOT A FAVORITE  – (D) 60 – 69

To see original post and list of his films (hyperlinked if reviewed) CLICK HERE.


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