16 Nov

THAT THING YOU DO (1996) – Mr. White

Synopsis – A Pennsylvania band scores a hit in 1964 and rides the star-making machinery as long as it can, with lots of help from its manager.
Tom Hanks – Plays the manager.
Co-stars – Tom Evertt Scott, Liv Tyler, Jonathon Scaech, Steve Zahn & Ethan Embry
Best Parts – Every. Single. Song., the talent show scene, when their song plays on the radio for the first time, The theme plays so many times throughout the duration of the film and you just never get tired of it, When Tom Hanks says “Give em what they want” To Guy on his way to the car, When Lenny eats the hard candy on the plane and annoys Hanks. Capn’ Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters, When Guy meets and plays with his Idol – Del Paxton, When Steve Zahn – at the radio show – starts with “there was this one time when we stayed up way past midnight…” and starts laughing, just basically Steve Zahn. (P.s. – in the deleted scenes, I’m pretty sure they made Mr. White Gay). Bryan Cranston makes a cameo, When Liv bumps her make up bag into the diner chair on her way out. When Lamar watches them kiss like a creeper.
Worst Parts–  Liv Tyler’s character ending up with Guy (the deleted scenes lead to this ending more convincingly) but Guy shows no attraction towards her through the whole movie nor her to him until the last scene , Guy’s dad -he’s like… a pretty shitty dad, watching the extended version,
Best Hanks Acting – His opening scene at the restaurant – words come out of his mouth as he studies Guy closely with his eyes.
Best Line(s) –  Everything Steve Zahn says. Everything. Especially: “A man in a REALLY nice camper wants to put our song on the radio. I’m signing, you’re signing… we’re all signing!”, “Oh, I’m not here with these fellas. I’ve got a pig in competition over at the livestock pavilion, and I am going to win that blue ribbon!” “There he goes! Off to write that hit song ‘Alone in my Principals”, “Tina. I’m Tina!”, “Shut up! (beat, then angry whisper) I’ll kick your ass!” “I… I quit, I quit, I quit…. I quit Mr. White.” “Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed so tight.” “It’s very important you don’t stink today.” “My name is Lamar and this is my hotel.” “You are my biggest fan.” “Wolfman too scary, Go!”

Overall – This is my favorite Tom Hanks movie for a lot of reasons. Most personal. Obviously not performance-wise (even though he’s solid throughout) it’s no Forrest Gump. I love it mostly because he participated in so many aspects of making this film, Director, writer, song writer, producer, actor… It’s the very essence of Hanks.  (96 = A+)

EXCEPTIONAL – (A+) 95 – 100
EXCELLENT – (A) 90-94
GOOD – (B) 80 – 89
AVERAGE – (C) 70-79
NOT A FAVORITE  – (D) 60 – 69

To see original post and list of his films (hyperlinked if reviewed) CLICK HERE.


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