That time I performed with my Idol and COULDN’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT!

15 Jun

I’ve known since March 6th that I would be rehearsing and performing with the incredible  Sara Bareilles for a wedding this month in June. I wasn’t able to post about it on Facebook or Twitter because the performance was a surprise for one of the grooms.

Will Collyer and Colin Ebeling got married!


I met Will in 2001 when we did a production of Little Shop of Horrors together.


I met Colin shortly after. The three of us lived together during the summer of 2013. We all survived!


They went to college with Sara B and performed in a UCLA acapella group called “Awaken” with her.


(this Awaken track was an inspirational song for my entire high school theatre department.)

Sara Bareilles is MY FAVORITE FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME. I listen to her more than anyone, I relate to her more than anyone and I cover her more than anyone…

A #sarabareilles a day – #kingofanything

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When I heard that I would be singing with Sara Bareilles at their wedding…


But it happened!!!


And the rehearsal was one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my life.

But she was so cool and laid back and so unbelievably talented that the actual performance at the wedding was smooth sailing.


The performance, a surprise for Will, was a hit! He cried. We cried. There was a lot of water coming out of faces.

I sang with @sarabareilles tonight. No big deal. #colinandwill #willandcolin

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I love you guys!!!!


And i love Sara. And I think… deep down inside, somewhere she hasn’t even recognized yet but will in due time… she loves me.





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