New Hope In Park Slope- Episode 2 – BACKYARD

5 May

We moved to Park Slope. We searched high and low for an apartment in this area as I’ve wanted to live in Park Slope since I first moved back to New York from California in 2005. After seeing about 11 apartments in a week, we happened to sneak in on an incredible deal. On the border of PS and Gowanus… The broker we met had exclusive rights to this place as he’s friendly with the landlord. The apartment was also being renovated so he wasn’t showing it to a lot of people. We, in fact, were the first to view and once we did we put down a deposit that day. Skylights, outdoor deck, walk in closet… what’s happening here? It was a financial steal so not a lot of debating took place.

I’m now going to take it upon myself to visit as many bars and restaurants in Park Slope as my wallet and I can stand. Last Saturday … I continued my cruise

EPISODE TWO– Backyard- 388 Fifth Avenue by 6th street.


Finding the bar you’re going to be a regular at is tough work. There’s a lot of factors involved: Environment, music, bartender, food options, drinks, existing clientele and price. Backyard definitely became a contender.

Environment – Rustic feel with space to move. An outdoor area that’s great for warm summer/spring nights.
Music – A Couple of times I shouted “Great Song” at no one. Cause they couldn’t hear me. Over the music.
Bartender – This guy Alex. He’s from Tennessee but I thought he had an Irish accent. I have great Gay-Dar… not so good with figuring out accents. Especially in a loud bar. Great guy, fun, talented (He sang along a few times) and respects his regulars.
Food options – They have em. we didn’t eat cause… we wanted to drink. A lot. Moving is hard.
Existing Clientele – Everyone in the bar seemed really chill. You can tell if the clientele is going to be good by how the bartender responds to the. He treated them very well, so I can only assume these frequent customers aren’t the obnoxious kind.
Price – A cocktail falls around $10. Not too bad.

Overall, pretty happy there. Looking forward to checking out other possible home bases, but nice to know that this one begins the journey with a high bar.



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