New Hope in Park Slope – Episode One – HIGH DIVE

25 Apr

On Sunday I move to Park Slope with my good friend Kate. We searched high and low for an apartment in this area as I’ve wanted to live in Park Slope since I first moved back to New York from California in 2005. After seeing about 11 apartments in a week, we happened to sneak in on an incredible deal. The broker we met had exclusive rights to this place as he’s friendly with the landlord. The apartment was also being renovated so he wasn’t showing it to a lot of people. Kate and I, in fact, were the first to view and once we did we put down a deposit that day. Skylights, outdoor deck, walk in closet… what’s happening here? It was a financial steal so not a lot of debating took place.

I’m now going to take it upon myself to visit as many bars and restaurants in Park Slope as my wallet and I can stand. Last night, Thursday… I began my cruise.

EPISODE ONE –  HIGH DIVE – 5th Avenue off the Union Street stop


Who doesn’t love Free Popcorn?  At High Dive it’s so delicious. Just the right amount of salt and the perfect price tag. The drunker you get, the better that popcorn tastes. The bartender, Robert (originally from Australia), commented on how cynical he is within the first 10 minutes of our meet and greet. My kind of bartender. He then introduced me to a local named Edward who sat beside me and asked me questions about playwriting. His favorite play is A Long Day’s Journey into Night. Good Job, Edward… you knew the title of a play when I put you on the spot. He then bought me a beer off the menu that happened to have the highest alcohol content of any other beer on the menu. This was in lieu of a good old fashioned roofie. Needless to say, I was appreciative. There was a pinball machine in the back to which I looked at and said softly to myself, “Another time, Pam… another time.” Then bartender #2, Riff, came in. I didn’t know he was a bartender at first and got uncomfortable with how close he was getting to ‘the other side of the bar’. I felt protective of my new-found friendship with Robert and I didn’t like the eyes this “customer” was giving my beverage provider. All became clear when he put on an apron. I apologized for the glares. He bought me a shot and said “Welcome to the neighborhood”.

Good job High Dive.



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