What was that??

12 Mar


I spend so much time getting worried about miscommunication. It has spoiled so many relationships in my life. From small misunderstandings to larger ones and sometimes it can seem like a cop out to not wanting to admit guilt. But sometimes legitimate miscommunication is at play. I think we’re all so mistrusting of people and believe everyone’s out to get us so we tend to lean towards the former. I will ALWAYS apologize if there’s a misunderstanding. “Here’s what I should have said” or “Perhaps I should have been more clear”.  Because of my experience with this, I am ALWAYS willing to try my best at putting myself in someone else’s shoes and/or really looking at things from the other perspective. This doesn’t mean that I’ll all of a sudden agree… but it lowers the probability of miscommunication quite a bit. I can’t believe how many relationships end because of what could have been cleared up with a simple sentence or rearranging of words. It’s a shame.


2 Responses to “What was that??”

  1. Erica 2014 at : #

    In my own personal experience with this topic, I really feel a lot of miscommunication can be attributed to two things 1) Technology – texting conversations and emails. We are not all writers, nor do we have time to sit and craft messages that convey emotional sentiments, general feelings (like/dislike) and sarcasm properly. Often times I find those items get lost in translation so to speak and they cause more problems than anything 2) Being passive aggressive – Just spit it out already. We are not mind readers, and if you hurt our feelings guess what, we are not going to die.

    • The Pam Quinn 2014 at : #

      Definitely agree with you on the technology aspect. So many conversations go awry because you can’t read tone in emails and text messages. I think if you can’t realize that someone’s being passive aggressive and assess the true meaning of what they want, then you need to up your social skills and experience. HOWEVER, that passive aggressive person needs to stop being a dick and be clear about what they want.

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