12 Mar


The finale should be Legen…..

As we wrap up the series How I Met Your Mother, I’d like to review it before its end. Whether you watched the show or not, there’s no denying that it was a staple in modern American sitcoms.

The Pros and Cons: (…. wait for it…)

Pro – The majority of the cast members were already stars at its start. This is pretty rare. When the show was about to air, it got our attention because we recognized Jason Segal, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris. Since then a lot more movie stars have moved to the small screen (this is kind of a con too) Pretty sure the numbers for the pilot couldn’t have been bad. Must have made newcomers Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders pretty relieved. A strong grip on the idea that you’re signing up for a hit.

Con – The laugh track. God Dammit. So distracting sometimes. Not most of the time… just sometimes. It’s especially distracting in the pilot, so I can’t imagine a lot of people getting on board later in the show’s life and starting from the beginning.

Pro – The blue French horn – The whole beginning plot with Robin and Ted was just lovely. It’s a shame those two couldn’t work it out… but I do believe that Barney is better SUITed for Robin.

Con – It lasted 2 seasons too long. There were some gems in the last couple seasons, don’t get me wrong, but the show mostly felt like it was grasping at straws.

Pro – Christin Milioti – From “Once”, this woman came out of nowhere in the 9th season and held her own with a cast that had been together forever. She is the perfect choice for the mother. Won everyone over.

Con – Inconsistencies – With every 9+ year sitcom there are bound to be some inconsistencies from the beginning to the end… Lily’s ‘not speaking to her dad’ for three years but he’s involved in the wedding planning, Marshal’s fighting skills, all of a sudden they’re heavy smokers at the same time trying to quit…

Pro – Britney Spears – She is a terrible actress, but REALLY good as a guest star on sitcoms.

Con – This last Season. ROUGH. Thank God for Christin Milioti.

Pro – Robin Sparkles.

Con – Zoe and the Captain – What a waste of time.

Pro – Neil Patrick Harris – An openly gay guy playing a womanizing straight guy so well. Plus… he was Doogie Howzer… plus… he’s the best host of the Tony’s.

Con – Getting rid of Victoria – She was the best ex girlfriend of Ted’s. I’m a HUGE supporter of Christin… but it was weird the way they ended Victoria’s plot line and not worthy of her character.

Pro – Alyson Hannigan – I know a lot of Buffy fans are obsessed with her. I’ve always thought she was one of the worst actresses ever. Like the Toby MaGuire of Tv… but I actually grew to love her Lily.

Con – Apartment confusion – Who lived where when? I thought they lived at that place… wait… who’s apartment is that??

Pro – Bob Saget. Because… come on.

Con – The How I met your Father spin off – I can’t…

Pro – Barney Stinson – Not even Schmidt (who is amazing) can compare to the King of Catch phrases, the guy who can never take a bad picture and the inventor of The Bro Code.

Con – Barney’s proposal to Robin – THE ONLY thing that bothered me about this was his choice as Patrice for the ‘decoy’. Should have gone with someone that would have had the audience guessing.

Pro – Ted Mosby Then – There was something so identifiable with Ted in the first few season of this show. I think it was post Stella that made me question what the hell happened to Ted.

Con – Ted Mosby Now – I’d take the whining and depressed over the energetic crazy eyes any day. What is it with these sitcoms where the whiney and depressed turn into crazy. It worked with Ross, but in my opinion, didn’t work with Radnor. His current Ted is too much like Flashback Ted.

Pro – The Slap bet and the Slap Song.

Con – The Wedding Bride – Stupid.

Pro – Three camera old fashioned risk – Most sitcoms these days are venturing into the single camera mock-u-mentary style where How I Met Your Mother dated to cling to the traditional three camera. This is a “Pro” because it then became the unique sitcom on the air.

Con – Kevin (Robin’s love interest) – Stupid.

I mean… I could go on about little details that are wonderful and/or awful… but they could fit in any of the above categories. My point is, the finale will be bitter sweet. Bitter, because you’re losing a sense of comfort each Monday night and sweet cause… it’s time.



2 Responses to “Goodbye to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER”

  1. Matthias P. 2014 at : #

    Great article,

    however some of the cons are your personal opinion. As an example I really liked Kevin, the Captain and (especially) Zoe.

    “Apartment confusion – Who lived where when? I thought they lived at that place… wait… who’s apartment is that??”

    Well, what is not clear? At first the apartment above the bar belongs to ted & marshall, then later ted, marshall & lily, then only Ted, after Lily and Marshall moved to their new house and in the end Lily and Marshall are moving in and Ted is leaving.

    • The Pam Quinn 2014 at : #

      Thanks for reading, Matthias! Most of the things I write (or anyone’s reviews for that matter) are definitely my own personal opinion. As far as the apartment situation, it just felt like there was a lot of moving and I personally had a hard time keeping up and/or remember what happened to certain apartments. I guess that’s me being used to FRIENDS.

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