8 May

My review on Newsies. From Film to Broadway
By: Erica Foley (Guest Blogger) 

ImageIt was good. Really good. I like how they consolidated Denton/Sara into one new character. I always hated Sara anyway. She was so blaaaaaaah. The actress who played Plummer was very talented and had a really nice voice. Good harmonies. I was happy there. 

ImageSanta Fe made me cry (are you really surprised). Of course the lights went up right after the song and I was like “shit I cried” which made my sister laugh at me, but I do not regret my tears!!! The song was sung beautifully and you really felt the emotion there. Its always been my favorite song in the movie. I often wanted to run away as a child. 


My two issues are as follows: 1) Medda. The actress was good and her voice was stunning. Truly. But it just didnt feel like MEDDA the MEADOWLARK to me. I didn’t think they should have changed her like that. 2) People have to be so god damned PC these days I hate it. For example they changed “stupid” to “nimwit” – like REALLY, you REALLY had to go there. I have a general issue with the whole “oh the kids are so innocent lets shelter them from everything…” mentality. I hate it. Its contributed to the rapid decline of emotional maturity in kids these days which is BAD. But thats a conversation for another day. I just thought it was very calculated where and when they changed dialogue. 

I LOVED the set.


The constant movement the interaction with set and characters. It was so good and added that little extra to everything. We had Mezzanine, First row, DEAD CENTER seats. They were great. When the set was moving towards you it felt like you could reach out and touch them, grab their hands, shake em and say “hey thanks for doing this. Ive been waiting for this day since 1992.” 

Jack Kelly was pretty hot. Chiseled chin, FANTASTIC voice, not a bad rear end either. Hes easy on the eyes but in a harder way then Bale was. It was interesting what they did there. Almost like they substituted swagger for sinister. Bale was soft around the edges, Jordan a little tougher. Overall I was happy with the casting. 


David was eh. He was good, but his constant spitting really grossed me out. I would have hated to be opposite him on stage. All of the old farts were great and I loved Roosevelt! Les was absolutely perfect. 

All-in-all the show was fantastic. They deserve all 8 Tony noms and I hope they win them all. Although I didn’t care for their subtle modern twists it didn’t ruin my experience in the least. I actually want to go again.





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