4 Mar

What would Jay and Silent Bob be like if they were two, adorable, little English girls?

It’s confirmed. When I have children, I will spend the first 6 years of their life making sure they are raised in a house that ONLY speaks in British accents because… my GOD… it’s the cutest thing ever! I’d like to introduce you to, if you haven’t met them already, Sophia Grace and Rosie who were discovered by the Ellen Show not too long ago.

Unknown-3I’ve become recently obsessed with these two and have decided to spread the gospel. Their “act” consists of a talented, spirited girl and her cousin who perform rap songs and R&B pop numbers for crowds at the Ellen Show who are equally as obsessed with them as I am. The best thing about their “act” is that Rosie, Silent Bob” acts only as a confidence boost for Sophia Grace, Jay. In this video, you can see what all the hype is about, this little girl raps better than most of the talent out there. This is their first ORIGINAL song:

In their first appearance on Ellen, the two performed “Super Bass”, a Nicki Minaj song, and received the surprise of their lives…

Not in love yet?? Not even with their parents crying with joy? That’s okay… it’s okay that you’re a robot. “Maybe you don’t have enough ram to understand this…” But here’s their SECOND interview and you get to see how they’ve been dealing with their recent fame and they treat us with a little Adele, clearly RAPPING is her strong point.

It’s too much, i Know… they’re too much!! And HERE is my FAVORITE interview, I was laughing so hard in their response to what it was like meeting Rihanna.

The only thing that’s made me smile THIS much consistently is the movie Little Manhattan. (watch that movie if every you’re having a bad day, week, month… I don’t know if it could help a year of bad… but give it a shot.)

Unknown-2So, I hope you feel changed by these two little girls. I hope they reached into your black heart and made it grow three sizes larger today. In closing I would like to play this video where the two share their experience at Disneyland! It’s just… it’s just so good…




  1. Eddie 2012 at : #

    Mr. Harold Potter is now of age and if you’re a fan of “Extras”, you’re well aware that he’s always on the lookout for an older bird. Your kids will be both beautiful and magical. Magical, get it? Never mind.

  2. The Ghost of Rita 2012 at : #

    The chubby one has an obnoxiously high level of confidence dis-proportionate to her looks. One day she will attain self-consciousness (probably around age thirteen or so), and begin to retreat – perhaps for the rest of her life – into a private, hellish world of bitter, persistent self-recrimination and crippling doubt, inevitably leading to a serious drug and/or sex addiction stemming from the growing fear that her life peaked when she was eight.

    The quiet one seems pretty normal for her age though.

    -The ghost of Rita

    P.S. Yeah I know it sounds like I have a “black heart,” as you put it, but that’s probably because MY HEART IS ROTTING IN MY GRAVE. Ghost of Rita. It’s all right there in the name. I’m fucking dead.

    • The Pam Quinn 2012 at : #

      Dear Ghost of Rita,

      I’m sorry your parents hated you and your Michael Chiklis show about superheros was canceled after like three episodes. Actually I’m only sorry for one of those things. Nope… not sorry for any of it. STAY DEAD.

      – Pam Quinn

      P.S. I hate you.

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