4 Jan
You were told the sky was once clear
That you could see the birds and hear
The words that people said to you
The sky now gray was once bright blue
You are told to believe that this is true
You were told to believe this overhead Mist
Is the rain pushing sun, putting up its fist
To cause pain to it on this gloomy day
To find a winner to overcome the rays
The little girl you’re told you were
How is it that you can’t recognize her?
The mirror shows you now and here
That face, a stranger. One you fear
She has memories you can not recall
The songs you loved, each Spring, each Fall
The men you loved, the dreams you had
The Times you did cry, the times you got mad
A chance you now have, so you can’t be upset
To start off fresh with new things to forget.
 it’s time for you to stop feeling so  alone
Perhaps the day will come when your past travels home
Until that Day comes, be your ship’s captain
And when that day comes, we’ll just see what happens

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