I Do!

29 Dec

It really feels like 2012 is going to be the most interesting year of my life. 2011 has been… eventful, to say the least, from January to this morning… but now things are about to get spicy. I know it.

My mother got remarried this year and my sister got engaged so I got to thinking about marriage, something I haven’t thought about for myself in a LOooooooong time.


When you’re a little girl and you try on mom’s dresses and wedding ring and you grab the flowers off the table and practice your “Right Together, Left Together” you always envision what your own wedding will be like. I closed my eyes tight and saw the dress, the flowers, the friends and… of course… the cake.

When you’re a little girl and you’re exposed to the stereotypes of boy meets girl and boy marries girl, you start to picture exactly who that boy might be. He’s the kid you liked in 3rd grade, then the one from 6th, 8th, 11th grade. One time it was Leonardo DiCaprio… 

Then you start to get a little pessimistic and the face becomes… faceless.

When I was a little girl, I pictured myself getting married once. I even asked him as we were curled up watching a secured favorite on television. I thought, at the time, that this is what love was. Two people who loved being around each other, loved to laugh together and had similar interests that they couldn’t wait to fill up their day with. I spent several years coming to the incorrect notion that all of that was WRONG.

Now, as I stare at my future, I realize I was actually right!  To marry your best friend is the best thing you can do.  I realize now that all of my past choices, disappointments and the events surrounding my life have lead me to right here and right now. Why I’m in the mindset and why I have the heart I have today to make the decisions I make for 2012.  I am more than pleasantly surprised at all the elements that surround where I am right now. The idea of marriage changes as you grow up and now I know exactly what I’m looking for in mine. Love is the choice. Love is the friend, the family, the partnership.

Would you look at that, a little girl that face once was
This all makes perfect sense, makes perfect sense because…

That face is gone
I’ve said “So Long” to her
Now this is what I now prefer

How should I react?
My God would you look at that!
Just look at that.

When you know what you’ve wanted since you were in bows
You grow up to take pills for the highs and the lows

Everything finally in place
Look at that face,
no hesitate to smile

Now my dreams are all wrapped in this world
All those dreams from when I was a girl

Have I been blinded by the SHOULDS
So all the COULDS disappeared
Did I really expect the blur of my life would be magically cleared

And he’s the best that I’ve met yet
I can really be sure this is as good as it gets
Take a moment to look at this
How my fate will be sealed by a wedding kiss


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