23 Dec

Tonight was particularly hard without you here
Thinking about it all on the walk there
I got home from another couple themed night
It always hurts to realize it’s a fictitious sight


To see you standing outside my door
I squint my eyes, cause Im not really sure
That you’re standing there, ready to play
I’m taken aback, don’t know what to say.
I take your hand and we walk to the train
Believe me, I know this sounds excruciatingly lame
But half way there we both immediately agree
That we’d rather be at home, curled up watching Love Actually
But in reality one couch had me and the other had two
But in reality I so painfully wanted it to be you
It’s not and that’s something I have to understand
That now isn’t the time time, but you are the right kind of man
You’re  still out there, right?
Should I give up or put up a fight?
I did the search and now I’ll  wait
But “lack of patience” remains my permanent fate
Most of the time I’m keeping busy, I’m fine
But times, like tonight, hurt comes over the line
It finds me and makes me write shit like this
Hopefully tonight I’ll wake up before the kiss.


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