5 Dec


He built a small career around unsuccessfully defining a vibe he “thought” he had received from someone. When you’re attracted to someone, you send out a vibe. Some call it a chemical…  he called it an error of judgment. He’d often meet members of the opposite sex and think, “okay… yeah… Okay that’s good. This is good! I’m liking where this is headed!!!” He’d smile or make himself available or go out of his way to put THEM in a position of making things clear for him. Then… it all went downhill from there. They either get to know him and decide that he would make an awesome friend (Cause he would… He’s a good friend to have. It’s the detriment to his asset.) OR they look over his shoulder and see someone a little less… complicated and a little… taller. 😉

He would like to, just once, meet someone and have it be clear. Really clear. Then again… the last time that happened… it caused two years of complete and utter blur.  It’s possible, right? To have it be simple. You hear about it in them story books. Boy meets Girl. Girl is attracted to boy. Boy is attracted to girl. Boy asks girl out. Girl and Boy date. Girl and boy get to know each other and start to like each other more. THAT CAN’T BE MADE UP… while he watches a plethora of relationships fail around him… he sees quite a bit of success too. These successes purely high light the failures. The ghosts of relationships past.

Once upon a Time
That’s how the story starts, isn’t it?
Ends with all smiles… will doesn’t it?
A poor girl finds rich boy
They court and act all coy
And soon he gets down on one knee
Why can’t that happen really?
If you could envision
the perfect collision of arrow to butt
It wasn’t enough
It wasn’t okay
The chick cupid chose is way
Too Far away


2 Responses to “GOOD VIBRATIONS”

  1. James Celentano 2011 at : #

    A) you’re only tall when dealing with shorties

    B) you have so many wonderful things to offer..focus on them and how they will benefit the man of your dreams

    C) before I saw you at Aarons party that night a random woman told me to ‘tell the universe what I want. write it down’ you should do the same.

    D) lets sake bomb with AK

    • The Pam Quinn 2011 at : #

      100%. I hope things are looking up. I hate hope… And looking up.

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