23 Sep

So I’m a huge fan of Dexter. I mean…> HUGE… And I just can not freaking WAIT for Season 6 on October 2nd. An inside source says this season will in fact me me “Shit myself”… so after the slight disappointment of last year’s season with Julia Styles, I look forward to a seat full of fecal matter…. wait…

I got to visit the set of Dexter last season and it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. To step into the world of one of your favorite shows is unlike anything else.
 I’ve been re-watching Season 3 (The Jimmy Smits season) and there’s something that’s bugging the crap out of me… RITA. Now if you’re like me you jumped for joy at the end of Season 4 (arguably the best season so far.), but i don’t feel Julie Benz was punished NEARLY enough for what she did to our sweet, innocent Rita.



tan, obnoxious and with new boobs… wtf?

I was really rooting for Dexter and Rita in the beginning, but when she came back in Season 3 with a character I didn’t recognize anymore, I was EXTREMELY disappointed. You know the writers didn’t instruct Julie Benz to get all that work done. There was something so real about Season ONE and TWO Rita and I completely lost my grasp on her and began wishing she would just go away.





Remember the courage it took for Rita to dress as the TombRaider for Dexter?
 She lost more and more of her clothes as the seasons went on. While I hated the fact that Dexter’s character gets together with Luman in Season 5, I was just thrilled it wasn’t RITA.

Moving on, my hopes for this upcoming season (with guest star Colin Hanks) is just that the writers realize what was so special about the first four seasons and they revisit those feelings we felt watching the show. How an episode would end and we could barely wait until the following week to find out what happens. Last season lost us a bit, but I have the up most faith that the show will return and kick the crap out of our minds………. and make us crap ourselves. Apparently.

** It’s also predicted to be the BLOODIEST of the seasons…… mwahahahhahaaaaa….


4 Responses to “DEXTER MORGAN”

  1. Eddie 2011 at : #

    When I heard that Julia Stiles was going to star in a film/tv show that did not also include Freddie Prince, Jr., I was shocked. However, last season was so weak, that I gave up after 3 episodes. I agree that Season 4 was the best. It was one of those seasons, that stood alone, not only in Dexter history, but television history. Trinity was one of the most brilliant characters ever created. Ben Linus and Trinity should go bowling together.

  2. Pam Quinn 2011 at : #

    Oh my GOD! That’s almost as good as my idea of “The Ben and Hurly Show!”

  3. The Ghost of Rita 2011 at : #

    So I wanted to look good, so what?

    Dexter’s love helped bring me out of my shell and helped me realize I was just hiding from the world behind all those frumpy cardigans and floral print calf-length grandma dresses. Fuck, I looked like ass back then. Why’d you have to post that shitty “before” pic of me? Like that’s how I wanna be remembered? Have you no respect for the dead? You do realize I’m dead, right? That’s why I’m a ghost. The ghost of Rita. Just like it says up there.

    What, I shouldn’t try and look as good as I feel? Are you really trying to deny that to your fellow lady? So sorry I got “new boobs.” I didn’t do it for anyone but myself. And you have to admit they look pretty perfect. Shit, I can’t even look at them now because it turns me on too much. And I’m glad I got some sun while I could. Do you know how much sun I get now, bitch? Guess. Go ahead, guess. That’s right, none. Because I’m a fucking ghost. Happy?

    -Rita (dead)

    • The Pam Quinn 2011 at : #

      Hilarious. And STILL against Rita’s character to do any of that. Julie on the other hand….

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