8 Sep

It’s time to say farewell, dear friend
Our solid bond now must end

It’s with a heavy heart that I do command
An order to exile such a close kinsman

For ne’er was there a connection like this
The spark and breath post each gentle kiss

You make me warm and you make me giggle
It burns me up when other say you’ll

Attempt to win me back
They fail to cut me slack

I’ll miss the way you aid my sleep
The way you make me smile
I’ll miss how pain doth run like sheep
With one touch, I am a child.

Film and television seem funnier with you
Radio and Yahtzee are even born a new

Songs are deeper when you’re near
you’ve helped me ignore so many a tear
But you have infused false paranoia and fear

And you make me fat and you make me stupid
You’re providing one hell of a challenge for Cupid

You make it hard to breathe and sing
You also make me forget everything

My roommate hates your smell, okay?
And… um… Wait… what the hell was I gonna say?

Maybe I’ll deny this year at it’s end
And take you once more as a loyal friend

Cause the thought of not being with you makes me tense
To never again be able to shout “Knights of the Round table, Commence!”

Let’s take the time we’ve spent
Other’s asking, “hey… you wanna?”
Today I begin my year-long lent
From my lover, my soul mate… marijuana



  1. Eddie 2011 at : #

    The first few days are going to do wonders for your memory. You’re going to think you’re psychic.

  2. Erock 2011 at : #

    Sometimes we need to take a break from something in order to really appreciate it….just ask my ex…who is still my ex….

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