So… I went to California for a week… (PART THREE)

10 Aug

Have you ever gone to a hospital to visit someone you know and when you walk into their room they’re hooked up to tons of tubes and IV’s and they look… really tired? Well… the first time that happens to you, it’s like you walked onto the set of some scene from E.R., or Grey’s Anatomy… or Children’s Hospital.
 It was pretty surreal seeing my mother hooked up to all that shit. If it had been me… 62 and suffering from pneumonia, you’d Hear me tell the beeping machine’s to “shut the hell up”, watch me roll my eyes into the back of my head at the super cheerful volunteer who helps clean my tray and sense my annoyance that the nurses merely giggle at my consistent order of a good Cabernet before bed… also. I think the last hospital I was in was to visit a friend of mine who had cancer. I never get called in to the maternity ward or something up beat like that.

P.S. My mother is doing just fine. She fought the crap out of this pneumonia and should be released from the hospital any day now.

You know what else I learned? That if you drink or take birth control on Amoxicilin, it makes the pill un effective. Thank goodness I left all my sex and booze in NYC. Needless to say, my Strep throat had dissolved in a matter of days. 2 to be exact. The day I started to feel better on the antibiotics, I decided to celebrate with a few beers and a good lay.
Just kidding (about one of them).

On the last few days remaining of my trip we did the staged reading of Rabbit Hole for Play Club. It hits me every time that the biggest setback of Play Club is that you only get one performance. Getting to work with this particular group of actors was kinda like a wish I managed to grant myself last minute. We were all pretty bummed that there wasn’t another 4 weeks of performances (as emotionally crippling as that would have been.)

We celebrated our successful reading at a local bar called SKINNY’S turns out… on Thursday nights… that’s what they show. A lot of skin. Young women, lacking a positive male role model in their lives, danced to contemporary music while dressed in a sparkly bra and underwear combo. It was the perfect end to an evening dealing with the struggle of a marriage to stay in tact after the accidental death of their 4year old son. TAKE IT OFF!!! WOOOH HOOOO!
In closing, I wrapped up my eventful week by seeing the film STUPID, CRAZY, LOVE. (my review on I gotta tell ya… it is not difficult to sit there and watch Ryan Gosling for a couple of hours… and… his body is… yeah. Well played Ryan Gosling, Well played.


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