So… I went to California for a week… (PART TWO)

8 Aug

The much anticipated PART TWO… (I recommend reading Part One first, if you haven’t)

Where was I, ahhh yes… the Warlock failed and the spider crawled under the bed. Damn. So Jenn and I moved the sleeping baby upstairs to a Bug Free Zone.

 Ever sleep in the same bed as a 2 year old? Yeah… sleep doesn’t really play a part in that experience. I definitely took a foot to the face and boob thrice.
 THE WEEKEND – I had a tightly booked weekend and week as my bi-coastal theatre company was launching our successful New York Club cleverly titled PLAY CLUB. However,  my mother had an… AGENDA. She was hosting a birthday party for my 2yr old niece that Sunday, once advertised as a small 5 person “by the pool” gathering. Then plane tickets were bought and it ended becoming a 30 person, invitation, BBQ, decorated, goody bag and cupcake event. I helped with some pre party duties and then met up with my buddy Nico to head into LA and I’m introduced to her NEW BOYFRIEND (haha, you thought it was gonna be me from the Part one “new boyfriend” tease, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU? No… no you didn’t.) After meeting the best friend’s beau, the gal and I headed out for the premiere of Ryan Scott Oliver’s musical OUT OF MY HEAD which featured several of my good friends and several songs from my 2007 NYC production of It’s About Time. Did a little mental time travel, reconnected with some friends, had some pretty underwhelming French fries while sharing some laughs with my loud, theatre friends. I decided NOT to crash in Thousand Oaks with the woman, sister and baby for fear of spiders and additional chores.

 Got my rental car the next day and drove back to Thousand Oaks for the 2yr old Birthday Extravaganza. Mom, the host, the lady of the hour was just not making the energetic cut for the day. We all chalked it up to her taking on too many responsibilities and over exhausting herself. So many cupcakes to frost, so many ribbons to curl and the woman just seemed to be about 15 minutes behind everyone else searching for opportunities to escape and rest. She chalked it up to her age, but there was definitely something else going on there. Nevertheless, we moved ahead.
 “Happy Birthday Dear Addison, Happy Birthday To You!” Candles are blown out, presents are opened and I’m on my way BACK to the San Fernando Valley for our first rehearsal of RABBIT HOLE (the story of a couple who’s 4yr old son is killed in a car accident.) So, basically in for an evening of side splitting hilarity.
 I stayed at my dear friend Jeni’s that evening in North Hollywood (I am a west coast Couch whore.) At 5:30 in the morning I wake up with a fever over 100. WTF? Why does my throat feel like tiny aliens are poking at it with their penis? And why does it feel like their penis is a sharp knife? Somehow I managed to get up, get into a car and drive to the doctors (in Thousand Oaks) One of the most difficult drives I’ve ever done (just behind that time someone put weed in this bong I smoked and I was the only licensed driver having to take my dear, young friend home due to a demanding parent. THROUGH SUNLAND CANYONS….yeah… and it’s even “better” when you’ve got a chick sitting in the back seat swearing that there’s a ghost in the car with you. – Never Again.)

Turns out I CAUGHT STREP THROAT FROM MY SISTER. Score! After having medical insurance drama at the doctor’s office AND at CVS, I return to my mother’s house and learn that she was admitted to the hospital the night before as she had been up half the night heaving.

I guess that explains her exhaustion at the party.

Turns out she had PNEUMONIA and it could have been fatal had the Warlock not gotten her to the hospital in time.


PART THREE – more hospital fun, amoxicillin, staged readings,  strippers and Ryan Gosling’s Abs. Stay tuned.


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