Midnight in Paris

9 Jul

I went to The Lincoln Center Plaza and saw Midnight In Paris which, smashingpumpkin… If u haven’t seen yet, you should (your Doppelganger adrien resides inside said “talkie”). My prologue to this film was sitting before tea and scones with an old friend, chatting about why my comrade and I can’t seem to coexist normally among our peers. The night was warm but not offensively warm. A rain, but not an obnoxious rain, fell from the sky and comforted us as we walked the ten blocks to the independent movie house. Stepping through the velvet rope almost made me feel transported to a form of Parisian escape. Foreign film posters lining the wall added to the non contemporary concession stand joined with the older, intellectual crowd surrounding us made me feel like I was being rewarded with the experience ahead.  The film itself was whimsical and fun. It was clearly inspired and I’m not often disappointed with Woody Allen. Since falling madly in love with Sleeper at such a young age, I often look forward to a new Allen obsession. Obsession this was not, however a fine movie with a clearly spelled out point. So clear that my head felt a bit bruised from them beating me with it. A “hmph” ending standing beside a feeling of educational inadequacy on my part however…  I’m sure this was a favorite for “others” .


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