500 Days of Me

23 Jun

I was watching 500 Days of Summer the other day. It was my second time watching it and I DEFINITELY liked it better the second time. I identified a lot with Summer’s character (minus being the classic female head turner when I walk into a room.) But how she sees love and marriage and relationships. Her crying at The Graduate for reasons really unidentifiable to anyone but her. Maybe it’s that I WANT to be her character in that movie. I wish I could just walk into a situation, any situation and have my focus 100% on the project at hand. It sometimes feels like any project I do, I find some sort of a distraction. The way we’re built where those “Feelings” get in the way of what’s really tangible. Maybe I could have really BEEN something by this age if it hadn’t been for all the distractions. And the fear. Being terrified of actually accomplishing something can make you paralyzed. But Summer’s character ends up getting married in the end which is kind of hypocritical to the way she viewed love as some sort of an old wives tale. When she’s sitting with Joseph on the bench at the end and she just kind of smiles at him, shakes her head and knows that “she was once a fool like him”, it’s pretty frustrating. Will that be me? Will something so unfathomable as love, marriage and children ever become a reality to me where I’m stuck on a bench, playfully shaking my all knowing head at my ex? Anyway… on to another movie where I over analyze the motivations of the classically identifiable main character…


One Response to “500 Days of Me”

  1. Eddie 2011 at : #

    People (mostly family) often ask me when I plan to get married and start a family. This is not a valid question. How can I plan such a thing, especially since I have not found the woman who I want to marry and have children with. Therefore, I don’t think Summer was hypocritical. She was just confused. She did not believe in love, until she fell in love. She did not want to get married until she found the man whom she wished to marry. Great piece, Pam! I especially love the segue to what I deem as the best comedy of the year.

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