16 Jun

What’s the difference between Beautiful, Hot/Sexy, Handsome/Adorable, cute/ attractive? Is there a difference? Yes. And here it is…
By Pam Quinn

In the majority of circumstances I do better with Men. So I will examine a few male celebrities so that we can put this age old question of Hot vs. BeautifulHandsome vs. Attractive to rest. This is an objective opinion. That being said, please refrain from attacking my analysis on a personal level.

Beautiful–  Webster’s dictionary defines the word “beautiful” as Of a very high standard; excellent. I define “beautiful” as having qualities that give us great pleasure to see, think about, etc. A face that has taken great time and consciousness to construct by the powers that be. A face and presence that encompasses it all. Chiseled. A work of art. Your eyes would spend the rest of their life with beautiful.

Hot/ Sexy – defines the word “Sexy” as Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest. I define “sexy” as “I want to rip off their clothes and do terrible/wonderful things to them.” Maybe I wouldn’t stay around the next morning for breakfast… or maybe I would. That doesn’t matter. What matters is the bedroom itch is scratched. Your eyes would f*ck the sh*t out of hot/sexy.

Attractive/ Adorable – defines “attractive” as Pleasing or appealing to the senses. “Adorable” is defined as attractive or delightful; charming. I put them in the same category because the line between the two is finer than it’s above brothers. Your eyes would have some unrequited love with Attractive/Adorable and maybe build up the courage to ask them out.  You see sex in the future with Attractive/ Adorable, but you want to get to know them first. Maybe there’s some marriage down the line as well… but you want to date Attractive/ Adorable. Spend time with it. Have fun with it.

**NOW there are several celebrities that fall in between a few of these categories. Joseph Gordon Levitt, for instance. Is Adorable/ Attractive and Hot/Sexy. George Clooney? Handsome and Sexy. Below are some examples of STAPLES within their category.





Paul Rudd Ryan Reynolds Johnny Depp
Jason Bateman Bradley Cooper Leonardo DiCaprio


I know what you’re thinking. Johnny Depp is SEXY! Wtf? And here’s the thing… he absolutely is. But the fact of the matter is, he was given a bone structure and a set of eyes that are different from most male actors, therefore he moves into a staple of the Beautiful category.  Jason Bateman… very sexy… yes… hot. Okay. But he’s more Handsome than he is “I bet that suit looks better on the floor.”

Let’s refer to this OFFICE clip where they dissect Hilary Swank. Attractive? Yes. Beautiful? Maybe. Sexy?…



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