25 Apr

So the guy who I was madly in love with from Freshman Year of high school to more recently than I care to admit is getting married! For the second time. Yup… First time felt like someone reached into my throat and twisted my heart around in its place and this time… I don’t know… I’m happy for him, yes, but I can’t help but feel this revisiting pain when I think about the girl who loved him so. I notice that I do that with a lot of the men that I develop strong feelings for. As time goes by, a piece of me still holds on to those feelings out of respect to the girl who saw everything in them. Here are my top 10 favorite movies with a theme in and/or around loving someone. (with out using the word “romance”.)
By Pam Quinn 

10. 50 First DatesThis movie makes me really happy. I guess I like the idea that this man meets a challenge and doesn’t back away from it. He finds someone who’s worth breaking the mold for him. The fact that every day he wakes up and gets this woman to fall in love with him for the first time over and over again, the fact that he’s the only one who doesn’t deny her a full life because of her condition is painfully romantic.

9.Dirty Dancing – The awkward, terrible dancing girl with the curly, big hair meets the sexy, awesome dancer guy who falls in love with her and teaches her how to dance and she ends up shocking her friends and family with her sweet moves to an 80’s song even though the movie takes place in the 60’s. Why do I love this movie so much?

8. My Best Friend’s Wedding – I’m crazy about this movie. Julianne has been in love with Michael for years and was too stubborn to admit it. Finally when she does, he’s getting married to THE PERFECT CATCH. She has to swallow her feelings and even though she confesses at the end, this character who is developed as rather unlikable because of her selfishness ends up doing the right thing. If you love someone, you can let them go if what awaits for them is wonderful.

7. The Cutting Edge – I know this is a ridiculous movie, but everyone I show it to ends up, in some way, loving it. The classic tale of two people who could barely stand one another, forced to come together and through the time spent together working for a common goal, they find something they never expected in each other. I still smile ear to ear in the last 10 minutes.

6. Corrina, Corrina – If you haven’t seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor… SEE IT! Ray Liotta sheds his bad boy/ mobster image and falls for an unlikely candidate… Whoopi Goldberg.  The movie is charming and it proves that you can find love in the most unexpected places. Despite all odds, differences and surrounding judgement, the two manage to build something pretty incredible.

5. The NotebookThis is one of those movies that really did the book justice.  When I read The Notebook, I went through every emotion humanly possible and the film took me through a similar journey.  He never stopped loving her, and while she never stopped loving him… she time passed and she felt it necessary to force herself to move on. Do you marry the “Right Man” or the man you’re “madly in love with”. This day in age, it’s tricky either way… but back then… it makes for one hell of a story to choose the latter.

4. Peggy Sue Got MarriedFREAKING LOVE THIS MOVIE!! Peggy, suffering an awful divorce, gets to travel back into time and try to change her life and not marry the guy who broke her heart. But what she realizes, at the end of her journey, is that you can’t change falling in love with someone who deserves to be loved by you but you can weighs it all…. the love she had for her ex husband out weighed the mistakes they made to end the marriage. They find each other again and find that they are still in love with the reasons why they made those initial choices to begin with.

3. SecretaryTwo people fall in love in a way that’s right for THEM. Who’s to say HOW you should love someone. Lee was awkward and self conscious and had serious emotional issues. She met a man who, in a matter of a few words, changed the way she saw the steps in front of her. I love this movie so hard. I only hope that everyone finds their match and is so sure of it that they would pee themselves while waiting for 3 days with out food or water for them to return. THAT’S love.

2. When Harry Met Sally – I can watch this movie and then when it ends, start it from the beginning again. Billy Crystal’s character in this is kind of my dream guy. (note – not physically). I like movies where one’s initial opinion of someone else changes due to the time they spend really learning about one another. Harry and Sally go from strangers to disliking each other to REALLY disliking each other to becoming friends to becoming lovers to hating each other again to getting married. The way they see each other and the way they relate to one another is real. I have so many best friends who I can only hope I fall in love with one day. (it’d be nice if they’d return the feeling.)

1. Return to Me This is my favorite movie. Not only because I find the David Duchovny/Minnie Driver plot interesting enough… but the relationship between the secondary characters are incredible. The friendships between the old men who sit and play poker, arguing over their favorite rat pack member to the brilliantly real marriage between Jim Belushi and Bonnie Hunt’s characters. This movie will make you laugh, it will make your heart feel warm and good and it will make you tear up. It’s truly one of those GREAT movies from beginning to end.


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  1. Katie 2011 at : #

    I love all of these movies. (except I still have seen Corrina, Corrina…) The Cutting Edge: one of my favorite movies growing up.

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