20 Apr

In honor of one of my favorite holidays of the year (Not Passover… though… good for those guys!) I’ve decided to rate my top 10 favorite Stoner movies with a stoner chick scene at the end. My friends’ll tell you… I love me some lists.
By Pam Quinn (Writer)

10. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle – I think we can all agree that one of the main reasons to       watch this movie is the viewing pleasure of Neil Patrick Harris grabbing the naked breasts of porn  stars. 100%

9. Dazed and Confused –  Two words: Parker Posey. May not be the BEST scene to watch high, but… the whole movie is great regardless. she’s my favorite part.
Picture 32

8. Hot Rod – Best scenes to watch while under the influence: 1. The dancing punching rage scene        leading into the longest fall ever. 2. The music video riot and 3. Any scene Will Arnett is in.

7. Up In Smoke – Cheech and Chong…. I mean, do I really have to explain why you should watch the        (arguably) founding fathers do what they do best? If it weren’t for these guys, most of the movies on        this list probably wouldn’t exist.

6. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – Okay… so this was the first Kevin  Smith movie I ever saw and        while it’s filled with inside jokes… I found it really funny. Jay… that guy… he’s funny! The movie’s        ridiculous, but it takes me to a very safe, colorful, fun place for a nice 4/20 high.

5. Pineapple Express – The first time I saw this movie, I wasn’t crazy about it. The first time I        saw Waiting for Guffman, I wasn’t crazy about it and now it’s my favorite movie of all time. I’m just        saying, if you’re someone who’s only watched Pineapple Express once, you should probably give it        another shot. Danny Mc Bride and James Franco. I like it.


4. Half Baked – My best friend and I saw this movie in the theatres and we left wanting our money        back. We were so pissed when we got into the car afterward regaling my step mother with what        happened through out the “plot” of this movie. As we went through lines and moments we found        ourselves holding our sides with laughter. Since that “soaking it in” car ride home, Half Baked has        become my CLASSIC stoner movie.


3. The Big Lebowski – A white Russian tastes THAT much better when you drink it alongside eating a       special brownie whilst watching The Dude for the 50th time.


2. Nightmare Before Christmas – Want your mind blown??? Done. “What’s This?” becomes the greatest song ever written.

…and the number one…

1. Road To Perdition – You’ll see.

And the stoner chick scene I promised…


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