16 Mar

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a show gets prematurely canceled. Here are five television shows that were cut off before they should have been. Not mentioned, but thought of: Studio 60, The State and a few others (Maybe I should have made a top 10 list…)
By Pam Quinn

Firefly5.) Firefly – Sure we got Serenity, but this show was most definitely cut off before it’s time. I got into this show late and it took me a couple episodes to really get into it, but once I was… I was disappointed that the show was only one season. Luckily Nathan Fillion Made Dr. Horrible and Castle… because I was worried that I might not see him again. Honorable mention to the awesome Alan Tudyk.

Veronica4.) Veronica Mars – Sure, the last season of this show was really terrible. I believe they weren’t sure if they were being cancelled or not and they never really wrapped up some important plot lines which left their fans, myself included, disappointed. The first season of this show was nothing short of kick ass and it had so much potential. It lasted 3 seasons (but I say 2 because I don’t like to count the last season).
Freak3.) Freaks and Geeks – This was another one I was sad to see go. Luckily most of the actors had pretty reputable careers to follow and a few of them continued to work with one another as well. Undeclared (not mentioned in list, but would be if there were 10) was a bit of a reunion for this gang. Freaks was charming and had characters you could really wrap your heart around. RIP.
Swc2.) Strangers with Candy – Fans of SWC can agree in unison that this show was ahead of it’s time. It crossed boundaries and made you cringe with equal disgust and joy. This was another one that delivered it’s fans a film version based on the 3 seasoned show. The film was… mediocre at best. Took jokes we had already heard from episodes we had already watched and just put it up on a big screen. I don’t think I’m alone in my disappointment with the film. But the show… that’s a whole other story. Brilliantly funny and we got Stephen Colbert from it.
Ad1.) Arrested Development – Those of you who haven’t seen this show, do yourself a favor… buy it. Don’t even rent it, don’t put it on your Netflix queue, you buy it and you own it because this is (arguably) one of the most brilliantly funny shows ever made. The most incredible ensemble cast and the fact that it lasted 3 seasons (despite its win for BEST COMEDY SERIES and ACTOR at the EMMY’S and TV LAND award for INSTANT CLASSIC)… it couldn’t find it’s ratings. The show has been teasing us for a few years now about a film version due to come out in the fall of 2012…. I think they’ll continue to tease us for a while. HEre’s what the poster WILL eventually look like:


One Response to “TOO YOUNG TO DIE”

  1. Tom Simone 2011 at : #

    I agree with the ones you listed, but studio 60 was comically awful after it the halfway point of that season.

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