LOST & INTO THE WOODS – (2/13/11)

13 Feb

I started thinking last night… had the creators and writers of LOST perhaps gotten inspiration for a few of their characters from Sondheim’s INTO THE WOODS. This may be just coming from a crazy musical theatre chick who wants to relate most things to some Broadway Show…. or….

THE BAKER (Jack) always trying to do the right thing, constantly haunted by his father, has a “sister” that he’s never met. Has a “leader” complex….

THE MYSTERIOUS MAN – (Christian) Um…. yeah.

THE WITCH –  (Ben) Knows more about the woods and the Giant then most. Not sure if he’s good or evil.  Both sort of running the show.

CINDERELLA’S PRINCE –  (Sawyer)CAn’t seem to decide between two ladies. Kind of a dick, charming, lies a lot…

BAKERS WIFE –  (Kate) Hookin’ up with two men, ends up with a child, when she tries to help it ends up making the situation worse…

CINDERELLA –  (Juliette) Falls for a notorious bad boy, joins forces with the “leader”, both tend to wounds.

CINDERELLA’S MOTHER –  (Rousseau) Like Cinderella’s mother, Rousseau feels pretty much dead, they’ve both been in their surroundings for some time, both mothers, both a little crazy.

LITTLE RED –  (Shannon) Both children, selfish, greedy, but both learn a valuable lesson about said greed.

WOLF –  (Sayid) After the above Little Red, At the end of season 6, like the wolf… Sayid becomes an animal. Sayid’s hairy like a wolf. LOL.

JACK –  (Walt ) Both young boys searching for adventure, too curious, both love their pets and both are tired of being told what to do by their “parent”

THE STEWARD –  (Arzt) Uh… yeah…

RAPUNZEL–  (Claire) Both long, unruley blonde hair, both not really sure who their dads are, both end up with a child, both really annoying.


RAPUNZEL’s PRINCE –  (Charlie) Both after The above Rapunzel and both kind of find themselves to be “rockstars” (i.e. AGONY), also both tired of being challenged by the above Cinderella’s prince.

LITTLE RED’S GRANDMOTHER –  (Rose) Both the oldest women there, believe themselves to be wise and whenever they voice their strong opinions, we’re all a little annoyed about it.

NARRATOR –  (Locke) Usually knows more about what’s going on than everyone else, wise, has a split personality towards the end there, Often has run ins with the above WITCH.


CINDERELLA’S STEPMOTHER –  (Elowise) The mother who thinks she knows best, kind of a bitch but extremely classy.

THE WICKED STEP SISTERS –  (Ana Lucia) and  (Nikki) To bitches on the island (woods) that we just don’t care about.

THE GIANT –  (Jacob) Both rulers of the land, strong and powerful, very demanding, turn out to be something we didn’t expect.

CINDERELLA’S FATHER –  (Bernard) Old guy on the island (woods) Just kind of going along for the ride and doing whatever his LADY tells him.

MILKY WHITE –  (Hurley) Because they’re both lovable cows.


I mean, really… THINK ABOUT IT!!!









One Response to “LOST & INTO THE WOODS – (2/13/11)”

  1. Erin 2011 at : #

    LOL Pammie! THIS IS BRILLIANT! I can see why it got you a guest blogger spot on Crazytown! 🙂

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