8 Feb

Yes, I was obsessed with this show in high school. A little of college too. And you know what? Yeah… I’m a little obsessed with it now. So, what? It may have not had the best scripts… the acting may have been weak and lord knows… James VanDerBeek is the man. And Pacey is one of the greatest characters ever written. Mitch’s car crash? come on… who didn’t tear up when James Taylor played Fire and Rain at the end of that bitch? Sure Bessie was terrible… but look at the character arch Grams went through. Jen’s death at the end?? You know you sniffed up those tears! And who could forget Season 3… The ballad of Pacey and Joey. Magic. Just… pure magic. Sure the show was ARGUABLY terrible… but you know what… we all know YOU couldn’t stop watching either…

I edited together these two little tributes and I’m not ashamed of it. Much.


One Response to “ODE To DAWSON’S CREEK…”

  1. Sam*I*Am 2011 at : #

    OMG…I LOVE IT! And I WAS ON THE SHOW! So what if you got to meet Janet from RHPS…i got to meet Pacey 🙂 LOL

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