2 Feb


As I ponder the question of where I should be right now, I have to weigh the pros and cons of these two incredible cities. I’ve lived in both cities for six years of my life and learned several lessons and met some incredible people. That being said, my pro list for both automatically include the friends and family I have in both cities. So, if you’re not specifically mentioned as a pro, you know in your heart that you already are. While I miss my friends and family in Los Angeles a lot, I will also miss my New York clan if I ever make the decision to head West. Therefore, I am going to go through all                                                                                           the things I love about both (and the things I can’t stand) and see if                               VS.                                                 that aids my query a bit more.

We’ll begin with Los Angeles

* Driving on the Freeway at 2am. – There’s absolutely nothing like getting in a car in the middle of the night and driving wherever you want with the music up full blast. It’s a sense of convenient freedom that I miss.

* The Film and Television industry – Since I was a freshman in high school it has always been my dream to create a television show and write for it. Obviously Los Angeles is a better place to do that. I have a couple of industry contacts out there that I may be able to tap into.

* The Weather – LA has consistently beautiful winter. Humidity sucks.

* The Unknown Artists – The majority of our board is in Los Angeles. This will make business with the company a whole heck of a lot easier.

*I can still playwright in LA – And since my writing is very “television-like” I can continue to do what I know and invite people from the television industry to come see the work.

*The NYC transit – No stuffy subways or having to wait about an hour to get to a place that is 20 minutes away by car.

* FOOD: Mexican, In and Out Burger, The spinach artichoke dip at Islands.

*Clothing Bulk – I can throw out the majority of my winter wear.

*The Gym – Because I’m going to be moving around less, I’m going to have to be more self motivating at staying fit and healthy. This is also a con 😉

*The GREEN stuff – It’s better here.

* Experience – It’ll be interesting to see how I do in an old environment with the experiences I’ve learned the last 6 years in NY.

*Hawaii – It’s a shorter trip there. 😉

* Radio – I have really missed the radio stations out there.

*Less Claustrophobic. – Less compact which is less stressful.

*Anger Management – I feel as if my fuse has gotten shorter in NY.

* He’s Not There – You know when you have THAT one relationship that haunts you for a little while and you have this pinching fear that you’ll run into said other half of the relationship? Yeah, I don’t have to worry about that in LA.


Now New York...

* Bar hopping The string of bars, convenience of their location, are just superior.  This includes the ability to be able to drink all hours and not worry about HOW you’re getting home.

*24 HR. Diners There’s something about 24 hour diners in NYC that just does it for me.

* No Hollywood No place in New York makes me feel as unsafe as Hollywood after hours.

*NYC in the Fall – It’s breathtaking.

* Basement View – My team for the rock musical Basement View that I wrote is here. I’ll miss that laughter.

* Broadway – Nothin’ like it. The feeling you get when you walk through it, when you see it.

* Bodegas – There’s always a bodega like a block away from your bedroom that has pretty much everything you need.

*Physical Move – I won’t have to deal with the physical act of moving if I stay put.

* Financial Move – My wallet won’t suffer nearly as much, not having to pay for a move cross country. This includes having to buy a car which is a HUGE expense.

* My Vintage Team – I work on the set of The British Office, if everyone wasn’t British, but was Orthodox Jewish. Who would want to leave those kinds of characters? I will also say, that I have a steady job with health benefits out here.

* FOOD: Pizza, bagels, The Stone Creek Inn

*Lack of Sunburn – Yeah, I won’t be as subjected to those out in NYC.

* NYC Subways – The transit in LA is FAR inferior to the public transit in NYC. The subway is pretty convenient at getting from point A to point B.

* London – It’s a quicker trip there 😉

* The News – The news programs in NY don’t consist of people like Jilian Barberie, pretending they know what’s going on in the world. The majority of BETTER news breaks and information I find has come from the NY broadcasters.

*Long Island – Having Long Island right there as an escape from the city is awesome. It feels like a completely different place and makes me forget about the stress I have in NY.

*Motivation – I feel more motivated in New York. LA made me feel lazy more often.

*Bailey – My dog on Long Island is like 12 years old and if I’m not around if she passes (God forbid), it’ll kill me.

While I may not be able to make a decision at this time… I’m giving myself till JUNE 11th to make a final call. Whether it’s LA or I stay in NY for a while longer… One thing we can agree upon… Both cities have TACO BELL!!! And that’s pretty damn important.


2 Responses to “NEW YORK vs. LOS ANGELES”

  1. Kenny 2011 at : #

    I say stick with ya wife!

    • The Pam Quinn 2011 at : #

      Thank you KennyKMartin. Your comments, in life and on site, are always valuable.

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