Vote “NO” on Proposition Unrequited LOVE (1/27/11)

27 Jan

1/27/11 – I wish there was a less painful way to be on the unrequited side of unrequited love. I wish that the amazing feelings that you have about someone, what makes them interesting, special and attractive to you could just always exist with out the pain of them not returning said feelings. I know if someone loved me that way I would want to know it and I would hope that the love would (in some form) last forever, despite whatever circumstances keep it from “in” love. I would want to know that someone felt these incredible things about me, just as long as I knew they weren’t aching because of it. As relieved as we are to push ahead from the crippling hurt of feeling rejected or unworthy, it’s a shame the GOOD part of that painful situation has to fade away as well when you attempt to move on. Once upon a time there was a talented, unique boy who loved me. I loved him, just unfortunately not in the same way. He has moved on now, but in my heart, I hope that his will always skip a little beat when he thinks of me. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see him happy.  I may miss the way he looked at me, but he won’t miss the way I didn’t look at him. When I have unreturned feelings for someone, I always wanted to believe that he would want to know. That someone out there feels that he is “worth it“. Won’t that inevitably add meaning to what you two have? How could he ever look at me the same as everyone else when I see in him what he must hope deep down inside, everyone sees in him. RisksHope… I wish they trumped the fear of failure and rejection. Because of that… I’ll continue to keep my mouth shut.

“MONICA: Joey, do you think Sharks are sexy?
JOEY: No!! (beat) Wait, what was the Little Mermaid?”

Quote of the Day From “FRIENDS”

**Updates: New Video “DTPQ RADIO” on the Dan Pam page (Under New York)**


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