Writing (1/26/11)

26 Jan

Sometimes I watch certain TV shows: or movies and I’ll wish that I was responsible for their existence. When I write, it’s such an awesome escape from the real world.  Sometimes I wish that I never loved writing as much as I do. Then I would have no imaginary world to escape to. I’d be forced to deal with real life and make it the best it can be for me, and really, who needs that? Every time I allow myself to get sucked into my real life, I’m inevitably disappointed by the outcome. So this leads me to believe that I spend all my days writing and dreaming with no actual plans of doing anything to make these dreams a reality for fear that reality will fuck up the dream. If these “dreams” become real, then where would I  escape? What would I then have to dream about? Spiders. Often when I start to fall asleep, I’ll wake up and see a huge spider. I won’t even really be asleep. I’ll be in that weird place between being awake and being asleep. The spider is always there. Is it trying to talk to me? I will name it Professor Lemonade Merrynougat.
“I was a O, but now you can take that 0 and multiply it by 1000!”
Quote of the Week

from “Strangers with Candy”



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