Some of my friends (1/19/11)

19 Jan

1/19/11- Well, this is my very first blog for the PamQuinn site. I’d like to start by introducing the supporting characters you will see on this site. (For more info. click on either NEW YORK or LOS ANGELES) Let’s start with Dan Testa. (New York)  I strongly believe that Dan Testa not only makes me a better human, but could  be responsible for how I feel each and every day as a woman. A confident woman who makes her own choices. How did I meet Dan, you wonder? Well… it all started through a little thing I like to call “hear-say”. I met Gina Scalise, a delicious go-getter host at Alice’s Tea Cup. With a mutual love of Wet Hot American Summer and musical theatre, Gina and I instantly became soul mates. Gina would speak often of her good friend Dan and their adventures around Wagner College. Finally it was time for us to meet. Dan had heard quite a bit about me as well so we sized each other up. “You think you’re funny too? You think Gina likes you better than me? Who do you think you are?!” We’re not really sure when it happened, but boy did it. And here we are… sharing a blog together. Sharing one heart, one mind, one bed (when we have sleepovers) and one dream… for Basement View- The Musical to go to Broad-way.

Now I continue with Emily Clark (Los Angeles). I met Emily in 2006 as she was standing on my doorstep with suitcases and a puppy dog expression. No, no… she had moved to NY from LA and came to live with myself and Jacob Harvey. The three of us spent our evening eating sweet and salty Honey Nut Chex:  , and acting out scenes from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and NEWSIES. in 2007 Pam and Emily created the Company The Unknown Artists and started producing Pam’s original works under said company name. Emily recently became Emily Clark Simpson. Bob Simpson (Actor in “Right Together, Left Together”) is also a friend of Pam’s and continues to taunt her with regards to her love of Tom Hanks. (NOTE: This is not a romantic infatuation with mr. Hanks. It is one of honor and respect. Some people get confused)

Nico Rennells. I met Nico in High school and she was “Katrina’s little sister.” I introduced Nico to my buddies at the Young Actors Company (See Will Collyer)and she joined forces with Pam on her first professionally produced play “A Norman Rockwell Christmas with the Donners Nico and Pam became best friends and Pam is thankful that every time she visits the West Coast, the Rennells sisters provide her with shelter. Nico is currently learning the score to “Right Together, Left Together” on the piano.

Kenneth Kyle Martinez. What can I say? He is the Will to my Grace.. We met through Nico and Katrina Rennells (who will be known as The Rennells Sisters from here on out) it was at an I-Hop diner in Glendale, California where Kenny and Pam discovered their mutual obsession for musical Theatre. Belting The Last Five Years at the top of their lungs while aimlessly driving around Burbank/Glendale at 3/4 in the morning did nothing but insure an intense relationship between the two. In 05 they moved To New York. Not together, but shortly reunited and performed together in “IT’S ABOUT TIME” (written by Pamela Eberhardt and Will Collyer). They continue to sing, goof off and make incredible music videos (See Kenny and Pam Page)

Will Collyer. Will Collyer co-wrote “Right Together, Left Together” with Pamela Eberhardt. (Visit for more info). RTLT was a semi-finalist for the 2010 NYMF (New York Musical Theatre Festival) Will was 21 years old when he met Pam. They were cast as Seymour and Audrey in The Young Actor’s Company production of Little Shop of Horrors. The two continued to stay friends post gripping performances of the Menken classic. One day Pam sent Will lyrics and asked if he could write music for them…. he did and thus their collaboration was born.

Chris DeChirico. Chris and Pam didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. He was dating her roommate at the time and neither of them were too crazy about the other one. With a gigantic smile on his face (lie) he helped Pam and her roommate move from their flooded Williamsburg apartment to a Hasidic friendly apartment in Midwood. Shortly there after, Chris moved in and he and Pam were forced to have “Morning Time” (the two would wake up and sit in the living room, making conversation) Soon the conversation turned into  ideas and those ideas turned into a friendship. Chris starred as DAVE in the Unknown Artists 2007  production of It’s About Time. He was in LA for a little while, but came back and collaborated with Pam on her second launch of “420” (A play written by Pamela Eberhardt). Now he continues to roll up his sleeves and fall into whatever Unknown Artists East treat Eberhardt has in store for him.

Katie Grimmer. Katie is Pam’s current NYC roommate. Katie went to college with Pam’s cousin Thomas Schroeter (See “Gay guy, Straight guy, Straight  girl” video under Dan and Pam) Katie is a blog writer at TheHungryGoat. Pam sheltered Katie as a favor to her family whilst Katie searched for permanent shelter and work in New York. Fresh off the boat from Arizona, Pam noticed something DIFFERENT about katie (She used expressions like “Super Cute!”) and decided that it might be best if Pam kept a close eye on this 22 year old Ginger, for fear that she might be taken advantage of. This, of course, lead Katie into a Stage Managing position for “420”. Months later Pam, Thomas and Katie all moved in together and Katie’s skin is thickening as we speak.

“He can’t see with out his glasses! Put his glasses on!!”
Quote of the Week from “MY GIRL”.

Poor Thomas Jay and the Bee stings.

I’m Pam. I like to write stuff. I like to spend time with my friends. They make me laugh. They’ll make you laugh too. Maybe one of them will make you think.


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  1. Susan Lippa 2011 at : #

    You guys are funny.

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